General Information

I am an on-location photographer, which means you don't have to sit in a stuffy studio and say cheese! I have numerous locations where I like to shoot. However I am always open to new places. It's important that you are comfortable at your shoot. So if you have any location ideas for your session, we will discuss at the time of your booking.

What to Expect
I create a relaxed, fun atmosphere for my shoots. It is important that you are as comfortable as possible to insure the most natural images. I tend to have a very photo-journalistic style. While posed photos are nice, the best way to capture natural expressions and emotion is catching those spontaneous moments when people are having fun and being themselves. That being said, children need to take breaks. Sometimes, we have meltdowns and our little ones don't want to cooperate. Don't get frustrated! It's totally normal. After all, not everyone is a professional model! Babies need breaks for love and feeding. Small children may need a snack break or a little play time with a toy to let the mood pass.

You've booked your session... now what do you wear?!?

First, choose a color theme that simplifies the look of your family portrait. Too many busy patterns and colors are especially distracting in group portraits. While all the clothing does not have to match, the colors should be harmonious. Coordinate the clothing for all subjects in a group portrait so that one person will not dominate the scene. A family group should choose clothing that blends with each members attire as well as with the background, rather than creating conflicting focal points that distract from the group as a whole. Color coordination lends harmony to the portrait.
Shoes and socks are often overlooked as a significant aspect of portrait clothing. They should compliment, not contrast. Carefully consider your apparel from head to toe as a variety of full length and close up poses may be taken.

Hair and makeup is just as important as what you wear. Please make sure that your hair and makeup are done prior to your shoot.

Accessories always add a little spark to your look. Headbands, scarves and jewelry should compliment your outfit. I encourage wardrobe changes so if your little one loves wearing her tutu or his favorite pair of cowboy boots, by all means, bring them along!

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